What You Should Know About Face Rollers

What are the benefits of facial rolling? What does it do?
Facial rollers have come to the rescue of my puffy eyes in the morning many times, but the benefits of rolling stretch far beyond that. Facial rolling is a form of manual lymphatic drainage which is ultimately a massage that will de-puff your skin. By massaging the lymphs, you allow the excess water and toxins to move around away from the tissue in your face. Facial rollers are not only used on the face, as it is encouraged to also roll on your neck and décolletage. Rolling gently in an upward and outward motion is said to reduce the visibility of fine lines over time and allow your serums and oils to work more effectively by helping the products really sink into your skin. For extra points we highly recommend putting your roller in the refrigerator before you use it for an extra cooling feeling which will also make the de-puffing benefits even better. Why wouldn’t you want a nice, cooling massage while also letting your products really do their work?
Types of facial rollers
Facial rollers come in a variety of stone types and sizes. There also are double headed rollers and single headed rollers, but we find that double headed rollers are your best option. One side has a larger stone, ideally for your forehead, jawline and cheekbones, while the other side has a smaller stone fit for your under eye area. That’s two sizes in one roller! All of the rollers by Cleres come double headed and with a variety of stones to choose from.
facial roller
Which stone is right for you?

While most of these stones have too many benefits to list, here are the main and most notable of each:

Amethyst Aside from being extremely powerful and protective, amethyst also boosts the metabolism and production of hormones. Also notable - cleanses the blood and relieves physical, emotional, and psychological pain/stress.

Rock Quartz Stimulates the immune system and promotes balance within the body / chakras.

Rose Quartz: The love stone! Promotes unconditional love and peace. The most important crystal for the heart / heart chakra.

White / Yellow Jade: Calms the nervous system and is highly protective. Jade is known for increasing love and nurturing, while also channeling passion.

Sodalite: The stone of logic + intuition, this crystal opens spiritual perception and brings info from the higher mind down into the physical realm.

Opal A delicate + reflective stone, Opal stimulates originality and creativity - bringing you to express your true self.

Tiger Eye: Very protective - is known for aiding against ill wishes and curses.

Red Jasper Rectifies unjust situations - brings problems to light before they become to large and provides insight on how to proceed. Calms emotions + releases tension.

Rhodonite: Heals past emotional wounds and scars. Nurtures your inner self and provides support.
Green Aventurine: The stone of positive prosperity. Promotes leadership and decisiveness. Also promotes compassion and empathy.  

how to use facial roller
How do I use my facial roller?
While there aren’t many rules to facial rolling - for the most part, technique is open to the user’s interpretation - there is ONE important thing to always remember: always roll upward! Never push / tug your roller in a downward motion. We want to promote anti-aging and plumping fine lines and wrinkles - so never pull down on the skin or it’ll have the opposite effect. Rolling upward and outward will also promote lymphatic drainage, which is really important. As someone that suffers from horrible jaw tension (due to stress and TMJ), using a roller on that area of my face (especially if it’s been put in the freezer beforehand) has really helped promote relaxation and I sleep a lot better at night. The small side of the roller is designed specifically for the eye area, which is incredible and really comes in handy - just make sure you’re rolling upward, especially in that area. Just apply your favorite serum or moisturizer and roll away! Some people even facial roll in between each product they apply onto their skin. Really, it’s all up to you! Just make sure you relax while doing so.
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How do I care for my roller?
It is highly recommended that you clean your roller after each use for hygienic purposes. This is something you’ll be rolling all over your skin, so make sure there’s no left over oil residue from last week! To clean your roller simply wipe it down thoroughly with a damp cloth. You can also wipe it down using micellar water to really make sure all of the product comes off of the stone. Avoid submerging it in water to keep your roller in good shape. When it’s all wiped down and dry, you’re ready to roll again!Be sure to follow us on and let us know if you beauties have any questions!